Apr 11, 2004

My young cousin has become a tall, gawky and sullen pre-teen. Who did not look up from her book, something called Burning Up with a picture of a pair of charred marshmallows on it, which I could only glean is some sort of contemporary V.C. Andrews adolescent girl-lit analog, for more than 5 minutes during the pre and post Easter brunch niceties. Who, according to my mom and my aunt is "dealing just fine with the divorce, she doesn't seem to want to talk to anyone about it so it must be OK." I was sort of at a loss at how to get the kid to open up. But I so desperately want to protect her from the isolation I felt having no brothers and sisters and growing up in the same circumstances. She doesn't seem to be at that point where she can really interact with adults besides her parents. Though I've been told she voraciously consumes the nice harcover editions of Wuthering Heights and the like I give her every year for Christmas.

Oh well, kiddo, when you're ready Crazy Cousin Mark will be there for you...

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