Sep 13, 2008

Please Support Petrichord Books and Catherine Meng


Petrichord Books is pleased to announce the publication of DOKUMENT, a new chapbook by Catherine Meng.

In a sequence populated by iconic figures ranging from Peachy Peach and Glenn Gould to Bon Jovi and someone called Bullet, Meng writes a fragmentary lyricism informed by her Philip Roth epigraph: "It's impossible to report anything faithfully other than one's own temperature; everything is allegory."

A sample of DOKUMENT by Catherine Meng:


talking to Peachy Peach about the block of time
& sick from kissing
likewize & out of folkus
trying but crimping the script
ad-lib ensued so all the cars had a line
Bullet said something about
how the price of gasoline
equals the end of sharing
chorus: guffaw
Bullet: Starbucks had something to do with it
chorus: guffaw
the poets: taste great less guffaw
Glenn Gould: over easy please
Tracy: 4 phun give glen some funky yolk

DOKUMENT costs $6, and can be purchased online via paypal at the Petrichord website or by cash or check (made payable to AARON TIEGER) sent to:

67 Rice St. #1
Cambridge, MA 02140

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END NOTEBOOK by Geoffrey Olsen
OUT ANOTHER by Michael Carr
RECENTLY CLOUDS by Jess Mynes and Aaron Tieger

Thank you,
Aaron Tieger
Editor, Petrichord Books

Sep 11, 2008

So, while Obama and McCain are speaking to the press about the (largely historical, largely irrelevant) topic of September 11th, 2001 (something that happened 7 years ago, when people who are now 18 and can vote in this election were 11) and engaging in (in appearance at least, and, hey, we all know appearance is important to "folks") bipartisan discourse on the subject, while Palin, ballgagged as usual, is in Alaska sending her son off to die in an illegitimate war irresponsibly connected to the events of September 11th, 2001 by the Bush administration, but since proven as about related to those events as a sale on shotgun ammunition at Wal-Mart. If you can't spot the metaphor here, I can't help you.

Sep 9, 2008

I sometimes find Jack's criticism a little impenetrable (that's not a bad thing, just a thing), but his commentary on this potentially disastrous and soul-crushingly tragic election is spot on and I'm-certain-I-was-already-thinking-that-but-couldn't-quite-articulate-it obvious. I am worried about plans B and C because the Democrats always seem to lose it in a crisis, just a little too doughy, just a little too shy with the backhand. I'm afraid we may be doomed. Dibs on the rocket to Mongo.