Jan 23, 2012

Ćwiczenia mnemotechniczne

Gregorz Sztwiertnia


Epopeja chiopska

Stanislaw Osostowicz

Trouble of the sky barns melting
                wheat folks
hungry-eyed in spills of
                murmurations solid
                is their din
to have chops
                chopped a woman behind every
arm toadstools duendés
                                red snouts mud

What you will know of life
                is not sad
is a black hat
                in shadows.

Misterium V (Kompozycja płomienista)

Jerzy Tchórzewski

Burning coral
                of the brain,
a robot
                cavern-headed, penetrating
                speech of this;
thick thighs waiting,
                                the lava of its

Kompozycja 1952-1956

Maria Jarema
                For Sandra Cortes

Three norns visit
                a recumbent ghost;
through the haze
                a red memory,
two see it,
                the third is not

Znaki na nieble

Juliusz Joniak

Furrowed stairs of crops—
                                prophylactic sun—
                demon dirigibles patrol
like bad ideas—
                                wasted portents—
                or missed chances,
wait to abscond
                                or abduct—
                                                stardust alphabet
pulled from
                sordid letters.
                                They intuit
the weather & the weather
                                                is always bad.

Czertwońy las

Czeslaw Rzepiński

Leaves in the orchestra pit,
                a curtain of blood
& charcoal descends;
                blue veins in the fore
tremble in ghost legs,
                weak in the knees,
before the black sponge
                of the sky.

Gra w klasy

Maria Stangret

Hello foot
with the ground


Maria Stangret

A black pawn waits
                in the parched white square
to die.


Tadeusz Makowski

The brown bird hides her
                                                little fires
on the corner of the drab palette—

Look upon the world always
with a robin in your blind spot.

Łabędzie w nocy

Jósef Pankiewicz

Gloss of evening like the surface
                of a still pond;
weak streaks of fire,
three martian eyes, the canvas
                itself, regard
the black/white dichotomy
                like the folklore
of the lights themselves.