Jul 25, 2006

It's probably evident from the poems below that I've been feeling a little depressed lately (in part due to the general pain of my fair Astoria and the general madness of the world right now), but reading through the blogs this evening, I've serendipitously come across any number of kind things people have been saying about my work, which most certainly cheers me up a bit! Thanks for the kind words, everyone; though I am pretty undeserving, I haven't done much besides post poems and Cy Gist propaganda on here for a long time. I am done teaching in August, so hopefully will have a chance to blog a little bit more and turn my attention to talking about the enormous pile of deserving work that I have amassed over the past few months. I try to get the word out about great work through my role as Reviews Editor for Boog City, but that doesn't extend much further than the borders of Manhattan. I should see about posting some of those reviews from past issues of the paper since they are not at this point available to people.
On the horizon, it's the enormous Dusie mothership come to bring us all home.

Jul 23, 2006

Spectre in 100 words or less.

stopping of time. Eyes

for blood tungsten for eyes

thirsty sun o'er aluminum

teflon heart murmurs

summer wind,
of red &
blue xmas lights,

No love,
of sound of God of sound.


for ghosts' eyes
android heart
hands smoke
& reattach my arms
Time aboard
of water


seven names
green eyes
face cracking
cold air prints
grey tongue
Love is a blue, blue doughnut,

piercing a poison eye
of spiked eyes
bearing the names
You names
Write your name. the light's finger points at clouds.

shapes. (Wind-

Jul 21, 2006

ASTROMETRY ORGANON in 100 words or less. Utilizing MSWord's "Auto Summarize" feature. I think I may have found a new addiction.


of sun.
light forms,

light from
& lit glyphs

the sun

of dawn sky

Water is my eye,
winter. sleeps.

Sun wolf, ocean blade
the River Fjord the River Gold the river
with the world's blue eye gazing

swimming horses

heart, speak no sound
dark stone,
sun queen
light bulb. dark
my mouth
black spark

River giraffes
tree. second sun
Thick red star
arms. that river that water
all light, bright ghost's

drum sounds,
Peacock Star
The horse
horse part flower & flower part man

a mouth

skin, tongue arrow-
swim in white light.

Jul 15, 2006

I have finished the new Cy Gist Press website. Here you will find information about the press, including the new call for submissions. Folks with links, if you could please update them when you get a chance, that would be great.

Jul 14, 2006

Speaking of sexy, I bet "In keeping with primitivism, the characters in this particular genre do suggest some kind of infantile fertility cult with their distorted features and the nausea of their appointed task of achieving coitus after overcoming ludicrous obstacles" sounds a lot sexier in Italian.
Courtesy of Jessica, because I am such a Grecophile:

You scored as Calliope. You are Calliope, the muse of epic poetry. You like writing, gold, and reading super long books. You are usually quite intuitive and reserved.



















Which of the Greek Muses are you?
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Jul 12, 2006

Fearsome writer's block this summer. The longest amount of time without a poem, I think, in my adult life. Hopefully the field remains fallow for some kind of singular crop. It is alarming, but a sense also of waiting, patience. What silence is for. Maybe it's Proust's fault, though I am reading poetry also. Things on the tip of my tongue. Perhaps soon. Perhaps not.

Jul 10, 2006

OK, the weather people have been predicting thunderstorms for about a week, but so far not a single rumble. What gives? Isn't there enough Negative Orgone Energy in NYC or something?

Jul 4, 2006

To-Read Pile

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

To-Read Pile, originally uploaded by mark_lamoureux.

My "To-Read" pile.

Jul 2, 2006

In order to raise funds for upcoming Cy Gist projects, I am selling copies of the first Cy Gist publication, Another Night by me, and also copies of my Dusie chapbook exchange chap, Night Season, for $5 each. There is a limited supply of each, so if you are interested get them while they are hot, and grey. You can buy them using the handy PayPal buttons below.

Another Night
by Mark Lamoureux

For a review of the chap by the inimitable Maureen Thorson, go here.

Night Season
by Mark Lamoureux

*Whew* added:

The Blind Chatelaine's Poker Poetics (Eileen Tabios redux)
Both Both(John Sakkis)
Do Gummi Bears Dream of Rubber Passion Fruit? (Logan Ryan Smith)
Dusie reviews
Hyacinth Losers (Matthew Henriksen)
Ida's Foodie Leas (Joel Sloman)
Inverse Poetry Series
Micawberesque (Susana Gardner)
My Maserati (Jon Leon)
P-Ramblings (William Allegrezza)
Reading Revival 2 (Michael Farrell)
Soluble Census (Tom Beckett)
Stoning the Devil (Adam Field)
Voices in Utter Dark (Francois Luong)