Jul 25, 2006

It's probably evident from the poems below that I've been feeling a little depressed lately (in part due to the general pain of my fair Astoria and the general madness of the world right now), but reading through the blogs this evening, I've serendipitously come across any number of kind things people have been saying about my work, which most certainly cheers me up a bit! Thanks for the kind words, everyone; though I am pretty undeserving, I haven't done much besides post poems and Cy Gist propaganda on here for a long time. I am done teaching in August, so hopefully will have a chance to blog a little bit more and turn my attention to talking about the enormous pile of deserving work that I have amassed over the past few months. I try to get the word out about great work through my role as Reviews Editor for Boog City, but that doesn't extend much further than the borders of Manhattan. I should see about posting some of those reviews from past issues of the paper since they are not at this point available to people.

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