Feb 28, 2009

Ben Mazer's Secret Destiny

Please check out my good friend Ben Mazer's new long work A Secret Destiny here.

Feb 9, 2009

I Would Seriously Rather Read Comic Books Than Contemporary Fiction

Because I know that you're dying to read it, my review of various and sundry Jack Kirby publications can be found HERE in the latest issue of Boog City. Besides Sebald and Proust (yes, I know how snotty that sounds and I don't care), pretty much all I have read in the past year besides poetry and crappy 5-paragraph essays is Jack Kirby comic books. This article concerns the recent Kirby bio-coffee-table book and the recently compiled Jack Kirby's Fourth World compiled by DC comics, and is really kind of a prelude to something much longer that would probably interest me and a bunch of guys who live in the archetypal parents' basement.

David's parents apparently went to temple with Kirby. I kind of wish he was still alive because maybe they could have gotten me an autograph or something, or, better yet, give him a copy of Tight 4 below with some poems I wrote about him and the Fourth World.

Feb 8, 2009

All We Really Want is to Eat Your Brains

THIS looks fabulous--and I don't say that just because I'm in it. Matt and Katie also put together beautiful books with sewn bindings that make you think Katie could probably sew up a triple bypass with an awl and binding thread if you needed it. I believe you will be able to get these at the Star Trek Convention...I mean... AWP...sorry my bad...next week--or you can get them online.

Also, I forgot to mention TIGHT 4, which also looks fabulous, once again my presence notwithstanding. I haven't put my hands on a copy yet (guys, guys?) but the lineup once again looks formidable. And, once again, I am assuming you can pick up a copy at the North American Lepidarists Association Meetup...whoops again...I mean AWP...why do I keep doing that?... Or you can order one online with the links on their page. You need the link, don't Google it...trust me...