Feb 8, 2009

All We Really Want is to Eat Your Brains

THIS looks fabulous--and I don't say that just because I'm in it. Matt and Katie also put together beautiful books with sewn bindings that make you think Katie could probably sew up a triple bypass with an awl and binding thread if you needed it. I believe you will be able to get these at the Star Trek Convention...I mean... AWP...sorry my bad...next week--or you can get them online.

Also, I forgot to mention TIGHT 4, which also looks fabulous, once again my presence notwithstanding. I haven't put my hands on a copy yet (guys, guys?) but the lineup once again looks formidable. And, once again, I am assuming you can pick up a copy at the North American Lepidarists Association Meetup...whoops again...I mean AWP...why do I keep doing that?... Or you can order one online with the links on their page. You need the link, don't Google it...trust me...

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