Aug 23, 2007

Dottie Lasky is one of my favorite poets, and perhaps my favorite reader of poems. Hear her read, here, hear hear!

Aug 8, 2007

I Complain About New York Because I Am An Iconoclast

Back in Boston, people used to complain about the MBTA. "It shuts down so early, why can't it be like the blessed MTA in New York City." "The trains are so small not like the MTA in New York City, the center of the universe!"

For the record, I don't remember the ENTIRE SYSTEM of the MBTA shutting down WHEN IT RAINS. Actually, I remember taking the T during BLIZZARDS. For the record, many of the stations are also CLIMATE CONTROLLED and the PA systems WORK so you can understand what the announcers are SAYING--despite the fact that they are rarely saying things like "Attention Passengers, there is no N, R, W, F or V services to Astoria, for Queens-bound service...get one of those stupid-ass Razr Scooters!"

Sorry, this hurts me more than it hurts you. I do this not on behalf of myself, but for Rachel, who it took 4 hours to get to work in the LWS today. It also took us 2 hours to get home from the Welcome to Boog City event in the LES on Friday night.

Aug 1, 2007

Take Me Down to Boog City, Where The Grass Is Green and Everybody's Pretty

I will be among the readers at this event on Friday night:


Sidewalk Café
94 Ave. A, NYC
free with a two-drink minimum

Readings and musical performances

7:30 p.m.-Lauren Russell
7:45 p.m.-Mark Lamoureux
8:00 p.m.-Rachel Lipson (music)
8:30 p.m.-Joanna Fuhrman
9:00 p.m.-I Feel Tractor
9:30 p.m.-Thomas Devaney
9:50 p.m.-The Passenger Pigeons (né The Sparrows)
10:35 p.m.-David Baratier
11:00 p.m.-The Leader
12:00 a.m.-Nan and the Charley Horses

Directions: F/V to 2nd Ave., L to 1st Ave.
Venue is at E.6th St.

Then, I will be manning a table for Cy Gist Press at the Small, Small Press Fair:

SATURDAY - AUGUST 4, 11:00 A.M., 5:00 P.M.

152 Ludlow St.

11:00 a.m.

4th Annual Small, Small Press Fair - Free

Followed by:

5:00 p.m.
Political poets and The Fugs, Village Fugs live

5:15 p.m.-Amy King
5:30 p.m.-Nathaniel Siegel
5:45 p.m.-Christina Strong
6:00 p.m.-Ian Wilder
6:15 p.m.-Frank Sherlock
6:30 p.m.-CAConrad
6:50 p.m.-Greg Fuchs
7:05 p.m.-Kristin Prevallet
7:20 p.m.-Eliot Katz
7:35 p.m.-Rodrigo Toscano and his Collapsible Poetics Theater
7:55 p.m.-The Fugs, Village Fugs.

Stop by the table and do yourself the favor of purchasing all of the new recent Cy Gist Press titles by Sandra Simonds, Ben Mazer, Carrie Hunter and others because, you know, the world could end tomorrow and your life will have been incomplete, not having read these fine chapbooks. No pressure or anything. I'm just saying...