Aug 8, 2007

I Complain About New York Because I Am An Iconoclast

Back in Boston, people used to complain about the MBTA. "It shuts down so early, why can't it be like the blessed MTA in New York City." "The trains are so small not like the MTA in New York City, the center of the universe!"

For the record, I don't remember the ENTIRE SYSTEM of the MBTA shutting down WHEN IT RAINS. Actually, I remember taking the T during BLIZZARDS. For the record, many of the stations are also CLIMATE CONTROLLED and the PA systems WORK so you can understand what the announcers are SAYING--despite the fact that they are rarely saying things like "Attention Passengers, there is no N, R, W, F or V services to Astoria, for Queens-bound service...get one of those stupid-ass Razr Scooters!"

Sorry, this hurts me more than it hurts you. I do this not on behalf of myself, but for Rachel, who it took 4 hours to get to work in the LWS today. It also took us 2 hours to get home from the Welcome to Boog City event in the LES on Friday night.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

you know, i'm no expert or anything, but i am pretty sure new york, is, in fact, THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. just, so, you know, for further reference.

and their trains are perfect.

if new york was a woman i'd make out with her, buy her flowers, take her to shows, then knock her up so she'd marry me.

man, new york sure is swell.

Cheryl said...

Well mark, you and Rachel can visit me anytime and take a ride in the climate-controlled T. We even bought a air-conditioner for the house.

><(({°> said...

you know they switched the redline to steam power, and the green line is now run like a flinstone car, right? all those college kids are getting a great workout. now the MBTA is only amassing about 2.5mil a year in debt.