Jan 30, 2005

Screaming Memes

Blame meng, etc.

Nadja sez:

Careless Love -- Tim Eriksen
Male Model--The Undertones
Get Out of My House--The Streets
Cloister--The Sonora Pine
Snapping Fuss--Plug (D & B)
Anima--Vadislav Delay
A Tiny Crown--Tim Eriksen
Lust for Life--Iggy Pop
Make It Happen (Album Remix)--Electronic

Not as embarassing as it could have been. This one would take awhile, though, as the Vadislav Delay track is an hour long...

Jan 28, 2005

Here's a sports hero I can get behind:

First baseman fields questions regarding war protest.

Maybe I will even get a Carlos Delgado Jersey so I can look manly like all of the other U.S. males...

Spot the Nazi

"OSWIECIM, Poland - Vice President Dick Cheney's utilitarian hooded parka and boots stood out amid the solemn formality of a ceremony commemorating the liberation of Nazi death camps, raising eyebrows among the fashion-conscious."

"Cheney stood out in a sea of black-coated world leaders because he was wearing an olive drab parka with a fur-trimmed hood," Givhan wrote in Friday's Post, also mocking Cheney's knit ski cap embroidered with the words "Staff 2001" and his brown, lace-up hiking boots. "The vice president looked like an awkward child amid the well-dressed adults," she said. "

List of books on Amazon.com punning on Civilization and Its Discontents:

Globalization and Its Discontents

Innovation and Its Discontents : How Our Broken Patent System is Endangering Innovation and Progress, and What to Do About It

Italy and Its Discontents: Family, Civil Society, State

The Good Life and Its Discontents : The American Dream in the Age of Entitlement

Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents

Social Security and Its Discontents: Perspectives on Choice

Postmodernity and Its Discontents

Manliness and Its Discontents: The Black Middle Class and the Transformation of Masculinity, 1900-1930 (Gender and American Culture)

Peace And Its Discontents : Essays on Palestine in the Middle East Peace Process

Liberalism and Its Discontents

Democracy and Its Discontents

Freedom & Its Discontents: Reflections on Four Decades of American Moral Experience

Jazz and Its Discontents: A Francis Davis Reader

Jan 26, 2005

There are more Starbucks (60) in a 5-mile radius of my apartment in Allston than Brian has in New York. Which is a little alarming. This is probably due to the fact that Boston is for the most part RULED BY WHITE PEOPLE. As opposed to NYC which is a little more ethnically diverse & we all know how much those white people love their double skim caramel lattes and homogenaity.

Jan 21, 2005

Christians issue gay warning on SpongeBob video

Yup, that warning's pretty gay.

Sometimes I wish there really were a Satan. Anything which is anathema to these people is A-OK in my book.

Jan 20, 2005

DC Indymedia update of inaugural protests:

618:pm Police issuing "final warning" to disperse to Mass. Ave. protesters; police on motorcycles are ramming marchers in front of Post Office on North Capitol by Union Station;

6:16pm Police now issuing second warning to protesters to disperse from Mass. Ave. immediately;

6:15pm Police have issued first warning for marchers on Mass. Ave. to disperse;

6:10pm March has taken over one entire side of Massachusettes Avenue;

6:10pm March is now going out of Chinatown onto Massachusettes Avenue towards Union Station; about 200 people; police have been attempting to follow, but road blockades have prevented police vehicles from following;
Unpermitted march now at 15th and L;
Arrest at 15th and M at spontaneous unpermitted march;

3:45 Coffins carried by protestors are burning;

3:44 At least 30 riot-police at 14th and Pennsylvania; stand-off between police and protestors; whole area is filled with pepper-spray and tear-gas; 16 mainstream journalists observed getting sprayed by police with pepper-spray;

3:38 Police now sending reenforcements to 15th and H street;

3:33 Police reporting that one of two officers injured at 14th and Pennsylvania has a broken arm;

3:32 Protesters are pushing through gates at 13th and Pennsylvania;

3:31 Two women arrested at 13th and Pennsylvania;

3:20 Police snipers appearing on rooftops around 14th and Pennsylvania;

3:20 Two officers reported injured at 14th and Pennsylvania; mainstream journalists being hit and pepper-sprayed by police;

3:18 Pepper spray and tear-gas directed at protestors at 15th and Pennsylvania; at least 50 injured protestors; reports from police of "chest pains" in protestor;
mainstream media journalists being hit with pepper spray; reports of bleeding from injured protestors;

3:18 Three sections of fence on inaugural parade route now broken down by protestors; fence blocking off parade route has collapsed; protestors battling police in streets; police still responding with pepper spray and tear gas;

3:15PM: Much of the first 3 blocks of Pennsylvania has a significant anti-Bush presence, hard to pick pro-bush demonstrators out of some segments.

3:14 Presidential motorcade slowed down at request of police;

3:13 Police send a request to the Bush motorcade to slow down the motorcade at 5th and Pennsylvania, as major street battle rages between protestors and police at 14th and Pennsylvania;

3:13 Tear-gas being used in street battle between protestors and police;

3:12 Bush motorcade is speeded up to get beyond the protestors on parade route;

3:11 Bush motorcade passes massive grouping of protestors on parade route; "Fuck Bush!" can be heard live on CNN as protestors out-shout Bush supporters;

3:05PM: Spot in the fense near 14 and Penn, near Willard Hotel, where they've rattled the fense, gotten it knocked over or bent over twice, MPD pepper spray. Extra police are being deployed to this area.

2:57PM: Unconfirmed reports of 4 arrests at 8th and D NW

2:56PM: Pepper sprayed anarchists at 11th and E NW

2:52PM: Protesters at 14th and Penn have been "contained" -- surrounded by the police, according to one call.

2:50PM: Some anarchists at 14th and Penn are trying to pull-down barricades, break through check-points. Check-points are being closed-down by the police. Protests at 16th and H going well. (20 people laying on ground)

2:33PM: Flags being burned at 14th and Penn. Some callers report there has been a fight of some sort between anarchists burning a flag and a Bush-supporter trying to take the flag from them.

1:50PM: Possible splinter group heading from D & 7 to Capitol area. Riot police lining the streets at Penn & 14th and maybe 1,000 anti-bush protesters in the area there.

1:45PM: Police car at Counter-Inaugural space has left, what appears to be a plainclothes cop is still hanging out by the front access.

1:43PM: "Gas" at 7th and D NW being passed out [to police], say some.

1:38PM: There's a police car (#137, MPD?) in front of the Counter-Inaugural convergence space.

1:34PM: Police being dispatched to Pershing park, report of arrests at D and 7th.

1:16PM: (updated)snow balls thrown by some activists, several people say at least 2,000 anarchists. Some sort of projectile, maybe pepper balls, corroborated by some. Snowballs were thrown. Mood as calmed down, peoples spirits are "high." Anarchist Cheerleader squad is among them.

1:10PM: 1 person down, hit by pepper spray, maybe physical force between 7th and 8th on G NW, police tried to prevent one "anarchist" march from linking up with another, things are "heating up fast." One DC Radio Coop/IMC contributor has also been hit by pepper spray. No arrests yet.

12:45PM: DAWN march is in the vicinity of McPhearson Square, people are shouting "whose streets, our streets!" Mood is "serious, but energetic." 12:53: The square is filling up, plenty of police.

12:43PM: "Anarchist march" at 13th and L, say the police around them were drawn away by "something else."

12:35PM: One arrest reported on "P circle," P street near Dupont or Logan? Choppers and police cars heard converging on an area near Logan/in Shaw.
During Bush's speech, Code Pink held up banners "Bring the troops home" and shouted. Police immediately took them away. After that another group shouted, they were taken away. 2 more protests following that. Members of the audience appluaded the police actions, shouted "USA USA," and some through snowballs while other people tried to block cameras from covering the protesters. Public radio noted this very briefly, and the CNN noted and covered none of it as far as we can tell. AP Photo

12:15PM Splinter group broke away from DAWN march at 16th and Q NW, maybe 200-300 ppl says observer.

12:09 Billionaires for Bush finished auction of Social Security and Arctic Wildlife Reserve at FDR Memorial.

11:55AM: Police chatter estimates DAWN (Malcom X/Meridian Park) march at 10,000

11:50 am DAWN march from MalcomX park just started with 5-800 going down 16th street. Police presence but not too heavy. People from Maine, Michigan, East Coast corridor. Primarily younger protestors, but people who have protested before. College students from Maine. 9 jump out vans are following them behind.

11:41AM: Marches have left Dupont Circle and Malcom X/Meridian Park

11:31AM: Bush is about to be introduced at the inauguration platform
DC Indymedia has been having cache/mirror dns issues. They may be resolved. Nothing nefarious going on.
The president preparing to go to the Capitol, "Operation Primary Package" is underway

10:38AM: TSA confirms that there was a 2-car derailment, all trains are being rerouted to New Carrolton, Union Station is "shut down" says TSA.

10:10AM: An uncorroborated report of a man in a suit, "dressed like a congressman," arrested at the "yellow gate," Independence and S. Capitol. Who he was and what he was arrested for is unknown.

9:41AM: A motorcade moving through at Washington and C streets.

9:32AM: Checkpoints B, C and E are open for access to the security zone around the inauguration

9:06AAM: The critical mass reached U and 11 NW

9:01AM: 60-75 Critical Mass riders came by the DC Indymedia Space. They are continuing their ride with cheers and high spirits. Reports are that the police are staying relatively cool but are following the ride with at least 1 jump out van.

8:52AM: Critical Mass has reached the Counter-Inaugural convergence space with no reported trouble.
This is the list of top stories in the Yahoo! News window. Are we a nation of illiterates?

"Bush Inaugural Message Marked by Hope
AP - 2 minutes ago

George W. Bush stood at the brink of a second term in turbulent times on Thursday with a pledge to seek "freedom in all the world" as the surest path to peace. Full Coverage

More Top Stories
• Israel Accepts Palestinian Police Plan (AP)
• FBI Alerts Boston of Four Terror Suspects (AP)
• U.S. to Scale Back Tsunami Relief Efforts (AP)
• U.S. Troops Launch More Raids in Iraq (AP)"

Jan 19, 2005

DJ RAP & TOPCAT- Roughest Gunark

Special request to all die-hearted dog heart,
whether you come from south west east or north.
This is the ruffest of the ruffest gun ark,
and we nah tek back no talk
'Ear dis...watch out...

Ee are the ruffest gunark from outta southwark
any boy test we have to draw a gun fast.
We are the ruffest gunark from outta southwark,
Any boy test we have to draw a gun fast.

We ah go duss out duss duss out ya blood,
We ah go shot out shot out shout ya blood,
We ah go duss out duss duss out ya blood,
Wwe ah go shot out shot out shout ya blood,
Watch out...

We invent the sound the sound the sound ya blood
We invent the sound the sound the sound ya blood
We invent the sound the sound the sound ya blood
We a gwarn shot out, we are the ruffest...

We invent the sound the sound the sound ya blood
We invent the sound the sound the sound ya blood
We invent the sound the sound the sound ya blood
We a gwarn shot out, we are the ruffest...

Ee are the ruffest gunark from outta southwark
any boy test we have to draw a gun fast.
We are the ruffest gunark from outta southwark,
Any boy test we have to draw a gun fast.

Poison dart right 'gainst ya heart and
the raggamuffin with no skin , no lock and
we face cause we nah mek no friends,
we mark dem we are the ruffest...

Jan 18, 2005

Why squander energy responding to Houlihan, mes amis? It amounts to arguing with the Amish about electricity. Houlihan is a duck-billed dinosaur at best (loud, harmless, doomed to extinction and at times quaint in a cold-blooded way), at worst the sort who says of abstract painting "my 5 year-old could paint better paintings." (Which is patently untrue since they're teaching the brat to ape Norman Rockwell. In 2005)...
Kevin Killian trains an eagle-eye on Fulcrum 3 in Jacket.
Well folks, my love letter to the world wrapped around a brick, Astrometry Organon is all but done.

All you peeps to whom I owe an email shall get it soon. Happy winter.

Jan 10, 2005

I've always wanted removable appendages...

Jan 6, 2005

Populism is fascism without a state.

Jan 4, 2005


The gloaming's blue seeps
into the white of the snow
& renders it blue too.

Jellied thoughts in
these skunky hours of
winter. A lance of ice
besets the verdant mind
& the verdant mind's grace.
Folly of the world maybe
calls forth an ocean blade
that swoops over warmer
lands while this chilly one

Why, lightbringer,
should such horrors
amass? You in your blue
sky who flaunts cold
order, the ordered dolor
of the metal mind? I listen
to winter's chimes & foam
& glower at the gloaming
as it blues the snow.

The snow's blues cloister
& the ocean's blues
cleave foreign soil. We
are not your people. We
were never your people.
The sun knows nothing,
the boat dreams of the sea
& the sea's dream screams
over the naked land. The sea's
not your papa, either. We
orphans in the blue gloaming
& the foaming seas.

What temple? The void
& the bobbing boat
& the salty deep wells
of tears are our only charge:
shepherds whose sheep are bare.

Say to me 10 things
I can do & pass to night's
province. Your boat is small,
little Phoebe, no phoenix, little
sunbird, your concern's
not at all.

Sun wolf, ocean blade
a million tarry hearts
beat over these waters now
stilled but no recompense
from that water's whims,
the sun's folly or fury
& who will tend the ghosts
of those that water's killed?

The queen of ghosts
is a rumor, us pigeons all
concerned, conceived



There's nothing wrong with the double
amidst the rollicking bearclaws
of the hive mind. A manifesto
is a fashion statement, try to walk
when you have no legs. Certain scandinavian
models are opiate & gigantic.
The winds of this land furrow
my brow. Oily pistons in the hierarchy
of mimesis. She's a watchmaker &
also an exotic dancer. My brother's
a leviathan & churl, he straddles
a dark place & a light place. "Ford
the river," the booming voice said:
the River Fjord the River Gold the river
broke & its yolk was the freezing mass
of my soul. Culture turns to sinister
mulch. The skinny legs of the preposition,
proposition, or fulsome predicament are
no match for my brother's spores or his
shining bolts. Imagine, we came from
or in a womb of spiders:
It's not so bad, Daddy
Longlegs, your poison teeth
cannot pierce the skin.


Erato tangled in a mop
of kelp, all verdant things

desiccated by the yellow eye
of my rage: I am my mother's

arms when I hold my mace.
Portents, the things you will see

thru each of my 7 flames, Jean
Genie of the opened gate,

limbs of anesthesia & stagnant black
bile: how to say this, again,

automatically? This is a story
about a can & a machete,

or was it an organ grinder? Are you
going to eat that? I wouldn't

eat that for all the cantaloupe
in Brigadoon. I'm headlit so you

please explain what it is that's pulling
my leg, an offhand remark

is a burning spear. (Something
here about writing poems.) Or else

nostalgia's not class

A white dwarf & a brown dwarf
& a very large budget. I know

where to fly my pink fuselage,
I gots a necklace

of heads in a courier bag.
Scrabble, fucking & other ignoble

pursuits. Why can't I be
a skywriter? Because

these words
won't go away. Comrade,

I'll build you a kiosk, but don't
look because it's made of apostrophes & spit.