Apr 12, 2004

LEON FREAKIN' THOMAS! / Spirits Known and Unknown

Few things make me happier than Leon Thomas!...

"I call what I do 'egoless'," Leon explains, "because it goes into the unconscious. It can be a moan or a cry or a tear. It can be a great big sigh--but under control. The thing is, however, not to be limited by what you consciously think or feel - you have to let it all well up. I have no label for what I'm doing; I guess there isn't any name yet for what it is."

"So far the horns have been in the forefront in terms of exploring the new dimensions of sound and expression. But no one has been nearly adventurous enough-for this time-with the possibilities of the voice. I feel I'm into that, and I feel that it can be unusually theraputic, for the listener as well as the singer. All I need is a chance to get to the ears of the people."

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