Apr 12, 2004

Attention Small Presses & Magazines:

On May 1 and 2, Gallery 108 in Somerville, MA will be sponsoring the 1st Annual Yart Sale at the Gallery. Lots of local artists will be selling affordable pieces and I will be manning a table of local (an not neccesarily so local) small press books and magazines.

If you have any interest in having your journal for sale at the Yart Sale, please contact me at mark_lamoureux@yahoo.com. The sale will run from morning until evening both days on the 1st and 2nd. Essentially, I'll be selling stuff on a consignment basis. You give me your wares and I will sell them and put aside any money that you make and return the money and unsold stock to you. There are no fees involved, as this event is largely just to stir up interest in the Gallery, and by way of local presses, etc. interest in upcoming literary events at the Gallery.

The deadline for submissions for the sale will be Wednesday, April 28th. This is a good opportunity to try and get your books/magazine to an audience outside of the exclusively literary scene.

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