Apr 7, 2004

How Awesome is This?

It's SO bad, but SO, SO good...

"They clutched the ribs of the plant, churning a hand about the pistil of the flower. Next minute, they too were spiraling into the air. Yattmur was not horribly afraid. She fell face forward among polleny stamens, almost unable to breathe for the scent of the flower, but incapable of moving. Dizziness filled her.

A timid hand touched her shoulder.

"If you have a making hungry by the fear, do not eat of the nasty Stalker flower but taste good fish without walking legs we clever menchaps catch in the pool!"

She looked at the tummy-belly, his mouth moving nervously, his eyes large and soft, a dust of polen making his hair ludicrously fair. He had no dignity.

Yattmur burst into tears."

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