Apr 13, 2004


& do you son accept this rain
as your personal savior, to have
& to hold its head under
the water, do you take this
rain metonymically for 4 reasons &
behind each a tiger or a sawtooth, the lady
plays the saw & ought to know
better, says one night Lumpy
fuckeda volkswagen &
he bent her like a yew switch into
next week, close to breaking &
stretched from here to there that catgut
where arrows hung, where darts were
cast at apples & oranges that hung heavy
from the trees, "I'm tired
of the night," he said,
she said "the sun is not
your friend"--fuggetabboudit there's
no way in hell
to throw the hoop around the
clown, Lumpy's shooting
ducks from the ferris wheel, a tumbler
of bourbon & some hard-
luck type laid down in
the funhouse: aluminum garters &
a Darth Vader helmet:
the foam rubber skeletons
are not so different from you
& me.

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