Feb 8, 2004

Well, change of pants, socks, etc. was successful. Am definitely going to develop some increased flexibilty so long as I am in this state. I feel like I'm doing yoga when I'm putting on shoes or socks, etc.

Took a look at the knee while changing, swelling seems to be going down a bit, so hopefully this will not be a lengthy situatiton.

Washing the dishes was more or less the same as washing the dishes always is.

Thinking long and hard about how I managed to do this was probably the more arduous task. Though somehow I knew I wasn't going to get through the party unscathed (despite the overall positive-ness of it), so perhaps in a sense my knee took the fall for my heart. Though my heart too is a little sore, but certainly not on the level of my knee...

There is some kind of lesson manifest in all of this, but I'm not entirely sure what it is.

The worst part of it is the isolation, or rather the presumed isolation. Ultimately, my day today was probably more or less similar to how it would have been anyway, but there is something to the feeling of not being able to just run outside whenever I want to without some difficulty. Navigating the outside world in the snow and the ice is going to be difficult with the crutches. Though ultimately it's better to be laid up in the winter rather than in the summer.

Ah, summer. The thought fills me with longing but also fear...

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