Apr 7, 2014


Darkly through
the eye of pharmaceuticals
the rest that
propriety cannot afford

Floating above
the gentle hills or propped up
in coastal wind
the lung wind
sock sighs in leisure
prescribed but never
paid for
in this life

Affixed to the prow
or the ship itself
how many are rotting
from the inside
in the malls & offices
Products’ bulwark
Take this luxury watch
Take this confit
conifer concubine

Life writ
& signed, authentic
Devour yourself—here. 
Silt body ooze around 
 corners, igneous panic, 
so dirty, unmistakable.
 Just above, quicksand 
husband comes, my minty 
aversion a laser beneath
 my dress. How to scrape your
 walls & cry.

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