Apr 23, 2014


All the colorless
ideas, the furious
of the awful present;
a room will fall
around people, a gauze
curtain cannot hide
light, only the details
that never bear
mention.  The tyranny
of white, spoiler
of shadows, the flying
time like a warhead,
a mushroom cloud
is just an analogy
when one is of no use,
as is a bond when
people are just naked
I dream of happier occasions,
 where rocking horse & dolls litter 
my landscape, bean bags, blocks, 
& farm animal miniatures pester 
the toy cars, the metal of boys 
not yet against me. I'm lucid here, 
there is nothing more to bear, I'm 
so vulnerable, so baby's breath 
in my hair, so lace-dress 

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