Apr 13, 2014


Anomie of grids
& bars redacted;
sheetrock records the splatter
of human
as ghosts; industrial
lighting lightning
desiccates thoughts.
In blank rooms’
memories hidden
& suffused with individual
pain.  Colliding speech
atoms & all the another
others, post this
or that, screech or pop
pop of heels,
creakings, shots. A space
created for discrete
persons’ activities discreet
or somnambulistic, nonexistent
irrelevant revenants.
Every secret gagged
by death, an affront to god who is
an affront to man &
Vexed by the everything, the everything 
of possible everything; 
everything could be 
this way if entrance & love & hinge & hollow. 
We need openings to walk through in this 
life, otherwise, no element of surprise.

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