Apr 27, 2014


Blue oxygen
What warps wood
& licks steel
to feathers. The ship
weds the water,
the beds of sailors
underneath, the shreds
of flags & disintegrating
rings of gold, of bone,
electrum.  Even the Christ of
the Abyss shall be
consumed; veil of Isis
beside the mount,
the eater of sins
inside the mouth.
Steady a ship on rough seas! 
Generators, pipes, & equipment 
do not exist here. Bring your valise. 
We can predict everything you will need. 
You are a part of me here, all around us, 
the same matter of gulls and glass waters, 
the white beach so graceful, the humanness 
boat. Off we sing siren! These magazines & 
 rocks motionless fleshy portraits.

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