Feb 16, 2007

A "mixed review" of my Night Season over at Galatea Resurrects 5. The review is reasonable enough; the parts that Manning objects to pretty much function as he says they do. I suppose the point of difference would be concerning the usefulness of those moments, which I would argue are useful. But of course I would think that since I wrote them!

Ultimately what anyone wants is their work to be read carefully, so hear hear.


Nicholas Manning said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your understanding reaction to what I tried to make a more or less understanding review.

I would love to hear your take on those moments which, though we might agree on their function, might disagree on their usefulness.

Anyway, here's to critical accountability!

Christine said...

Hah. I don't think "jeopardous" is a word.

Note that he is a professor of rhetoric.

Anyway, I think your poetry rocks my socks off.

Nicholas Manning said...

I'm not a professor of rhetoric, but a simple doctoral candidate in comparative literature.

But thanks for the ad hominem attack. Just because we have a slightly different opinion on Mark's book, which I did really appreciate by the way, which is in the review. Maybe you could have emailed me instead.

In any case, from the OED:

jeop·ard·ous –adjective
perilous; dangerous; hazardous; risky.

[Origin: 1425–75; late ME j(e)upartous, equiv. to j(e)upart(i) jeopardy + -ous -ous]