Feb 17, 2007

Bad Night is Falling

Oracles are always a lot of fun. Maureen posted a meme (which was apparently circulating through 'non-poetry' blogs) in which a series of questions are answered by song titles taken from an iPod on shuffle (iOracle?). A fun exercise (it might be interesting to compose poems this way also), even if it offers a glimpse into the schizophrenic enigma that is my iTunes. So here are Nadja's (yes, my iPod is named Nadja, go ahead and start mocking me now) answers to the questions.

* What does next year have in store for me?-- "Untitled," Red Monkey. The iOracle equivalent to "ask again later," I guess. Lame, Nadja, lame.

* What does my love life look like?-- "Soul Seven," The Undertones. Accurate enough if you look at the lyrics.

* What do I say when life gets hard?-- "Place to Be," Robert Creeley. Yes, Creeley remains there for all of us, still.

* What do I think of when I get up in the morning? Op. 23 No. 3 "Le Secret," Gabriel Faure. Faure is the person that the composer Vinteuil in Remembrance of Things Past is based on, so I suppose it is appropriately quotidian.

* What song will I dance to at my wedding? "Psyche," Love Spirals Downwards. I will have to invite some goths to my wedding, I guess.

* What do I want for my career? "With a Man of Leisure," Harry Partch (from "17 Lyrics of Li Po.") Hehehe...right on.

* Favorite saying? "She's a Dog," The Geraldine Fibbers. Uh....not really.

* Favorite place? "Winter," Bebel Gilberto. Oh so metaphoric, Nadja.

* What do I think of my parents? "Just Another Soldier," The Minutemen. Yeah, pretty much.

* Where would I go on a first date? "Downtown Venus," PM Dawn. Classy. (Though, as in any song about Venus, it is easy to insert "Penis." No pun intended.)

* Drug of Choice? "Ghost City," Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack. Whoa, creepy. The StatMeter name for my blog is "Ghost City."

* How do I describe myself? "Coolin' Out," LTJ Bukem. I don't know if I would describe myself using an elided g. Elided, G.

* What is the thing I like doing the most? "The Judgment is the Mirror," Dali’s Car. Nadja has been talking to my shrink.

* What is my state of mind like at the moment? "Na├»ve Journey" feat. Marlon – DJ Icey. OK.

* How will I die? "The Hook," The Sonora Pine. Yeesh.

* Song they'll play at my funeral? "Jongleur Grey," The Durutti Column. Well, he did write an Elegy for Ian Curtis, so why not. Though not that appropriate if I haven't... err... hooked myself.

* What song will I put as the subject of this post? "Bad Night is Falling," Styrofoam. Well, there you have it.


Tom Beckett said...


It tickles me that Harry Partch is on your list. I heart Harry P. His music always sends me someplace new.


Aaron Tieger said...

I thought you weren't a Minutemen fan.