Sep 19, 2006

More from Brian Lucas in Thailand:

It's pretty eerie here--streets are quiet; businesses closed and martial law has been declared. The constitution has been revoked as well.

The military has essentially taken over all of Thailand. We aren't sure if this is in protest of the Prime Minister, or just two factions of the armed forces having a fight. We get very limited announcements from the coup leaders: this morning they've ordered all police off the streets, and for them to stay in their stations. Bridges are heavily guarded. Not sure if there will be a standoff between anti and pro forces or not. All newspapers have been suspended--their websites are down. Radio is dead. So far no violence, but it remains to be seen if peace will prevail. No one's certain what to think--military intervention is the last thing Thailand needs. It's a serious step back as the military has a terrible human rights record, and the semblance of democracy that Thailand has enjoyed has been annulled unless there is a quick turnover to a civilian led government.

Luckily the King knows what's going on and is in talks with the military. All of us are depending on him to get us out of this mess.

All cable TV has been shut-down here, but for some reason I'm able to get the BBC so I have a little idea of what's happening.

I have to go out and try to find some food for us--not sure what to expect as everything is shut.

Will keep you posted if things escalate here. US embassy hasn't ordered Americans to evacuate yet. Crossing my fingers things work out here.

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