Sep 14, 2006

Focus on the positive: you don't want to miss the following:

The Burning Chair Readings

Thibault Raoult, Sandra Simonds & Maureen Thorson

Friday, September 15th, 7:30 PM
The Fall Café
307 Smith Street
Between Union & President
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
F/G to Carroll Street

We don't get to hear Ms. Simons here in the Northeast that often (e.g. ever), so don't miss this chance. I will be there with (hyptohetical, silent) bells on! I have been a fan of Sandra's work for a long time, see my review of her chapbook Steam. Also, Cy Gist Press will be releasing her chapbook The Humble Travelogues of Mr. Ian Worthington. Written from Land and Sea sometime in the Fall/Early Winter of 2006.

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