Sep 18, 2006

According to my students from last semester (scale of 1 to 5; average of 19 scores):

The instructor holds my interest in class: 3.1

Write-in comments: "He makes me go to sleep."

The instructor communicates in a way I understand: 3.6

The instructor has increased my knowledge of the subject matter: 3.7

The instructor presents course material in an organized manner: 3.6

The instructor encourages students to ask questions and participate in class: 4.1

The instructor treats me with courtesy and respect: 4.6

The instructor is available to me for discussions: 4.3

The instructor keeps me informed about my academic progress: 3.8

The instructor maintains a good class atmosphere for learning: 3.7

Assignments and exams are related to the course content: 4.1

The instructor clearly explains how I will be evaluated in this course: 4.1

Overall, the instructor is an effective teacher: 3.4

Total average 3.8

General write-in comments: "Prof. Lamoureux is a very good teacher. He is always available for his students and makes you feel at ease. However, he can also be boring because he likes poems, documentaries and always speaks [sic.] like he was singing."

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