Jun 14, 2004

The Maudite readings have been going very well. Attendance for each event has been better than I expected (knock on wood). This weekend was no exception, fine readings by Shin Yu Pai, Jess Mynes, Christopher Rizzo, Sean Cole and Aaron standing in for Lori Lubeski; also, it was a pleasure to read the excellent work of Catherine Meng out loud to an audience. Thanks to everyone who read or attended. In two weeks will be the first Maudite event featuring live music, so hopefully this will go as smoothly as the others have, with the addition of sound equipment to worry about.

I'm glad to be doing things for poetry/other poets lately, because I haven't been writing that much, and at least this way I stay engaged and my temporary little hiatus does not lead to too much alienation from the medium. My saturnian termprament is still racing (if the god of melancholy can race) to catch up with the benign changes in my life these days. I'm perfectly capable of writing when I'm happy, but have grown somewhat out of practice with that particular mode, so there's a bit of a lag as the eyes readjust to a different lens. I don't necessarily write happy work when I myself am otherwise happy, but the source of the work shifts a bit somehow, if not the actual product. It does allow me to address subjects I am interested in writing about but have not been able to access from the proper frame of mind; but there is still the figuring out which frame fits.

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