May 15, 2004

The problem with the inevitable switch to iced coffee is the increased amount of effort and preparation involved in its production.

Would that there were something like a microwave that went in the opposite direction with the same expediency. I suppose this would likely involve unhealthy amounts of freon or something. And the ability to flash-freeze things is probably not an ability one wants to have available to children.

I got in trouble once when I was a kid for freezing all of my Star Wars figures in glass jars in the freezer. Quoth my father, "I want to be able to get something from the freezer without having to move all of the goddamn frozen Wookies."

I don't recall, specifically, what possessed me to freeze the Star Wars figures. I used to bury my homework under a rock in the back yard, also. Why exactly I did not spend my early years in intensive therapy, I'll never know...

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