Jan 1, 2004

Well, here we are in the other side of 2004. I am very glad that 2003 is behind us. I hope not to have another year like that one for some time to come. Not that the year was entirely bad, but it's highs and lows were precipitous and uneven. Hopefully 2004 will offer some shade of predicability and stability.

Currently I am most decidedly not in New York. Given that I feel like, well, how one would expect someone the morning after drinking on the hour, every hour, for ten hours or so, I don't imagine I am going to make it to New York, either. A fantastic, even if child-filled, party at James and Amanda's in which it seemed that every available surface was occupied by something delicious to eat.

Definitely an improvement over past New Years which were spent breaking up with people in public places. Perhaps not having done so will bode better this year relationship-wise. There is certainly nowhere to go but up in that department.

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