Oct 8, 2007

Ghosts Dig Art

While I'm not going to say that the globes of light in this photograph are disembodied spirits surrounding the abandoned mental institution that served as the location for the site of the art installation "The Enampment" put together by Thom Sokoloski on Roosevelt Island, I'm not going to say that they *aren't* either. If they are, in fact, disembodied spirits, I am sure they are enjoying the fantastic installation of 100 illuminated tents with installations people put together about people who had been interred at Roosevelt Island at one point or another. The effect of all the disparate voices and visions of the 100 or so tents was breathtaking, as was the location lodged between Queens and Manhattan with gorgeous views of the skyline on an (uncannily) warm October night. I would recommend you all go see the exhibit, but, alas, last night was the last night! I have some more photos (and more orbs!) in my Flickr account if anyone is interested.

What I want to know, is had the spirits attended my reading at the Zinc Bar with Thomas Devaney--and did they enjoy Devaney's work as much as I did. Surely they probably dug my poems concerning Francesca Woodman due to the subject matter alone. A project also not without its uncanny events, as I have described to some of you! If you want to hear more stories about the Woodman book, I will tell you if you like!

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Christine said...

So Sorry I missed your reading. I completely forgot about it until too late. I tried to go the Roosevelt site but they closed down the day tours early -- leaving a mob of angry hipsters yelling into their cell phones outside.