Oct 12, 2007

Empire: Exuent

The twilight of our hubristic empire continues to unfold like a Sophoclean tragedy: the man who should have been President wins the Nobel Peace Prize, the man who is President, well if there were an opposite of the Nobel Peace Prize, he would be a shoe-in. Or just a plain old loser.

Our cities crumble (sorry to say folks, but New York is crumbling, stop being the center of the universe for a second and look around--this place is a shambles); our currency becomes more and more worthless relative to other, stronger economies; we are maligned and hated where once we were loved and admired; we cannot take care of our own people--their bodies or their minds--our population is becoming sick and stupid.

Can the process be reversed? I would say probably not. Ergo all that remains to be done is to try and salvage some of our dignity and to step graciously aside and let the next wunderkind through. Life will be better after we fall: think of Athens, think of Rome, think of Great Britain. Nothing will be OK until we admit that our star is fading to the same magnitude of the rest of the constellation.

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