Jan 24, 2007

I am working on putting together an anthology of 20th and 21st century ekphrastic poetry (poetry about visual art) from the U.S. I am now beginning the daunting process of assembling a list of poems to be considered for the anthology. I don't have a publisher yet, but once I have assembled the anthology I am going to try to find one.

I am hoping you can take a moment and list any ekphrastic poems you can think of and backchannel to mark_lamoureux@yahoo.com with the subject heading "Ekphrastic Poems." The only criteria are that the poet be one who has published in the 20th or 21st centuries. I am limiting the scope to published poems in an attempt to control the size of the project a little bit.

I am hoping to display the poem side-by-side with the image (or an image of the work in the case of sculpture) that the poem is about; so the poems should be about works of art that I could hypothetically obtain an image of.

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