Jan 26, 2007


Now the wine tastes like melted ice

Winnowing. The night. Split. Like an orange.

Teleological blunderbuss

Take the train into the wide mouth

Liminal door goldfish brain

Aporetic nave, intercapillary umbilical

Sponge-mouthed & needing

A forest of sutures adopts a stance like

Necromancy romantic, thin blue lips

Rock candy cage, splinters

Furrowed broken shattered trussed

This is empty like the air around a ship

Don’t speak

Laburnum walk ghost break

This is the unending end

Doffed & quartered & shunt

The tidemark of the blood

Sugar rain spilled into the inkpot

A copper plain marred by speech

Go into the somber maze

We were all dying for a crack

There was no place, it was said

1 comment:

MatinaS said...

This is a very interesting poem. Love the sixth feint the most. Any of these can also be used to describe your poetry ;-). But then that may make it truth...