Oct 1, 2006

Had a great time in Pennsylvania, reading with fellow Dusie folks and the Flarf people. Marci Nelligan, Scott Glassman, Boyd Spahr, Myself and Dana Ward read from our chapbooks from the Dusie project (actually, I'm not 100% certain that Dana's was from his Dusie chap, apologies for my poor memory, but I think it was--regardless it was a beautiful reading.) The two "sets" (e.g. Dusie and Flarf) meshed well, Boyd's "Flarf-y" work from the Dusie project providing an interesting link to what followed. An assortment of Dickinson College students were certainly provided with a glimpse into a pretty diverse section of contemporary poetry. Pennsylvania is certainly a lovely state where I'd like to spend more time someday; I don't often relate to land-locked spaces very much but I enjoy Phildelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania. We were having camera troubles, but hopefully someone else has more cogent photographs of the evening.

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