Jan 17, 2006

Still Time To Board My Spaceship--My Spaceship

There is still time left to submit to the first Cy Gist press chapbook, My Spaceship. Cy Gist Press will focus on chapbooks of ekphrastic poetry (that is, poems which describe/ interact with/ stem from works of visual art.) At this stage, the press will be focusing primarily on obscure texts in proprietary limbo. (In this instance, a black-and-white coloring book I had when I was a kid.) Submitted poems need not directly address or describe the images themselves--simply think of them as a point of origin. If you want to alter the images themselves with text, feel free to do this as well. Keep in mind, however, that the chapbook will be black-and-white only.

The images may be found here. If you require a higher-resolution image for manipulation, just let me know which image you are interested in. There are 20 images total, and each one will appear in the text only once. In the instance where there are numerous entries for a single image, I will select the one I like the best. You may submit as many poems as you like (submitting poems for multiple images will obviously increase the chance that I'll take one). Send submissions as MS Word documents or PDFs to: mark_lamoureux@yahoo.com. (Don't worry about cover-letters, etc. unless you feel the need). Please be sure to indicate which image each poem is intended to accompany. The reading period is from the time of this announcement to March 1, with the chapbook being completed in the following month or two. Payment will be 3 author's copies. Submitters will be notified at the end of the reading period. If I haven't received poems for every image I may write you back and solicit something for a different image.

Cy Gist press titles will not be sold, rather they are intended for barter for other works, for materials for future publications, or whatever else you may want to send to the editor in order to obtain a copy. Contributors will receive their 3 copies free of "charge"-additional copies can be bartered for. In the unlikely event that someone submits work and I don't take anything, I will send you a copy of the chapbook anyway. For the purpose of barter, things I'll be needing are:

Heavy bond white paper (30# or heavier) (I am going to be using legal sized for (11x14 for My Spaceship)
Cover stock
Binding thread
Access to an industrial-strength paper-cutter
Labor (come over some time and sew some books, etc.)
Booze (unless you want to send some in the mail, I recommend seeking out the editor and buying him a drink of your choice...)

Of course, I am open to whatever else it is you might want to send me (legal items only, please).

Materials received will help shape future projects. The cost of a chapbook would be roughly $5 or so, so the number of copies a given donation incurs will be based more or less on that figure. If you really can't think of anything, just donate $5 to the press and I'll send you a chapbook.
All snailmail correspondence to:

Mark Lamoureux
25-16 41st. St. Apt. 2f
Astoria, NY 11103

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