Sep 16, 2005


Is an invisible horse, blandly seething among
disintegrating vestibules. The chromium cross

reigns oblique over unelevated bakeries among
the fictions of a doppleganger; hindsight

a cake of nostalgias, glazed & threaded among
crystal boxes sheltering a ceramic nymph in a green shift,

a compass needle upright in foam among
careless abstractions--the ruthless imperative

broadcasting damp rhetoric: to eat glass bread among
plastic castles & a clockwork giraffe with a glyph

on its neck. High-impact organ research among
authorial shivers, an arbitrary pestilence, a

santicfied narrative: "Pretty pink Aurora gets a chilblain among
ponies in summer."
A steel bud among dank revisions.

Navy beans & beetles spilling out the cup of the bodhran among
witching hours, labeled griefs. A cave of

discourse for gibbering knaves, golems among
zombies: horizontal vs. vertical stripes

on the trunks of the beholder. Mythic laughter among
bebarnacled barrels. The spill of the hold into

the frozen sea. The Master is a haughty buccaneer among
scribes. Hash-mark. Totem. Your anathema.

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