Sep 2, 2005

"From the cold lakes of the North to sultry Southern savannas --
From the bleak shores of the sea to the lands where the Father of Waters
Seizes the hills in his hands, and drags them down to the ocean,
Deep in their sands to bury the scattered bones of the mammoth.
Friends they sought and homes; and many, despairing, heartbroken,
Asked of the earth but a grave, and no longer a friend nor a fireside.
Written their history stands on tablets of stone in the churchyards.
Long among them was seen a maiden who waited and wandered,
Lowly and meek in spirit, and patiently suffering all things."

From Longfellow's "Evangeline," which describes in part the expulsion of the Acadians from Canada and their journey to Louisiana. Now it seems they are displaced once again. The Acadians who didn't go to Louisiana came to lose their limbs and history in the mill towns of Massachusetts. Those were my ancestors. I've never been to New Orleans and environs to see where the rest of us went. Now I wish I did. Perhaps these folks can return to Acadia. I wonder if the Provincial government has said anything about this?

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