Dec 11, 2008

Widening Gyre

Copies of my 2008 Dusie Kollectiv chapbook Turning are available at Bronwen Tate's blog Bread and Jam for Frances. Turning is a series of poems about seasons in New York City, and some of my favorite work to date. If you are sick of "New York Poems," don't worry, most of the poems are pretty critical of life in the city in general. If you happen to love New York, well, you'll at least probably recognize most of the locations. Except the ones in Queens, because you probably never go to Queens...

I need a vacation.

But please, check out the book, if not for my sake, then only to see the beautiful job Bronwen has done with the chaps.


** said...

"If you are sick of "New York Poems," don't worry,"

You didn't say that for my benefit, did you? :)

Looks lovely, Mark! You're on my list (again).

Brooklyn said...

Whoops- sorry! I'm the ****. I'm switching between accounts, trying to get caught up with everything. x