Jun 24, 2008

Added some links for some folks from Goodreads. Goodreads has been really buzzing these days. It seems especially to be a good thing for e-chaps and the like, since people can just link to them off of the Goodreads entries based on peoples' recommendations and such. Its nice because it sort of fills the void left when I sort of lost interest/became disillusioned with the Blogging community over the past couple years. Goodreads seems to be a place where many younger poets are getting acquainted with the landscape these days, in a similar way that I felt like the Blog-world did once upon a time, for me. People get weirded out by the rating system, but it seems like no big deal; I mean, you don't have to like everything your friends write as much as everything else they write all the time. It's interesting, also, to see people responding to specific works, both sacred cows and obscure little e-chaps--the internet doesn't know the difference. Which is a good thing.


brooklyn said...

But seriously! And thanks, Mark! :-)

Robert said...

thanks for the tip, Mark

id never heard of it until now

im off the loop, i guess :)