Dec 9, 2007

Daybook of Perversities & Main Events by Frank Sherlock

Cy Gist Press is happy to announce the release of Frank Sherlock’s Daybook of Perversities & Main Events ($6 ppd.). This chapbook-length poem is comprised of brief, almost-formal 5-line stanzas that read like landscape sketches of internal vistas. Opaque and personal at the same time, this poem reveals the sinews, muscles and machines beneath the skin of consciousness. With a fabulous cover by artist Kris Chau.

A beggar from Assisi w/ a bird

on his neck is protected by poems

carved into handles of knives Deep

greens are cut from the patio so

they can be pulled & eaten

Also, please be sure to check out the CY GIST PRESS HOLIDAY SPECIAL. This will be the last opportunity to obtain copies of several out –of-print Cy Gist Press titles.

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beLLe said...

~curious to know if this offer is still good? I tried to purchase it, but the paypal receipt indicated it would be $40. I was interested in the Nocturne it out of print?