Feb 17, 2006

I am excited about The Fairy Tale Review. As evinced by my own editorial endeavors, I am a fan of the "concept" project. I think coming at the editorial process through an arbitrary lens helps to lift one out of subconscious biases and prejudices. E.g. in the example of FTR we see work by "mainstream" types like Addonizio and also the likes of Sara Veglahn (who is one of my personal favorite poets--not that being liked by me makes one non-"mainstream," but you get my drift.) By contextualizing the work, one can look at the individual offerings and delve deeper into the ways in which they achieve their various ends, which is a nice, active reading process. Which is not to say that there isn't a need for the cadre-journals (after all one ultimately wants to be among friends) but it is good to mill friendly-like in the public square with one's "peers" at times, and I think journals like this one are a good place for that to happen.

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