Apr 28, 2014


Angles, scribbles,
legs & glances
the eye too has a depth
of field like a camera,
an aperature being
a door which is in turn
an opening & an opening
is just a punctuation
of empty space, which
exists outside of us, or
within, mostly figuratively
but for the lungs, those
emptinesses upon which
life depends being filled
& emptied & filled
& emptied like the world
itself or a heart or
a soul.
The rhythm of color, starts with 
a strike, ends in gris, the 
poison: "everything that 
to me is my life."

Apr 27, 2014


Blue oxygen
What warps wood
& licks steel
to feathers. The ship
weds the water,
the beds of sailors
underneath, the shreds
of flags & disintegrating
rings of gold, of bone,
electrum.  Even the Christ of
the Abyss shall be
consumed; veil of Isis
beside the mount,
the eater of sins
inside the mouth.
Steady a ship on rough seas! 
Generators, pipes, & equipment 
do not exist here. Bring your valise. 
We can predict everything you will need. 
You are a part of me here, all around us, 
the same matter of gulls and glass waters, 
the white beach so graceful, the humanness 
boat. Off we sing siren! These magazines & 
 rocks motionless fleshy portraits.

Apr 26, 2014


Brittle flowers beside
a window the balm
of the domestic, a cadence
of wrong looks—a doily
is full of holes like
the warped road to certain
sections of town. Paper
like this peeling
through the centuries,
painted over; these autos
junked; these people
how they once were, never
again now.  An aspiration
turns to dust just like a potted
plant does.  Buildings remain
but we do not
in them.
Today is a good day, I sleep 
varicose to myself. 
The pier, the awl, and the boys
 next door gather up 
tinder for my oven, two drops 
of oils before I faint 
in the cathedral, the linens are 
pressed just so.


Engine of nausea
Engine of anomie
Engine of derision
Engine of despair
Engine of desiccation
Engine of lassitude
Engine of trepidation
Engine of stillness
Engine of placation
Engine of hierarchy
Engine of platitude
Engine of egregious
Engine of temerity
Engine of solitude
Engine of sobriety
Engine of schadenfreude
Engine of infidelity
Engine of ignominy
Engine of surplus
Engine of lucre
Engine of vice
Engine of paranoia
Engine of greed 
Engine of hunger
Engine of ghosts
 Shots for everything
No shred of humanity
My supervisor's eyes--fake.

No shred of humanity

Apr 24, 2014


A hole in the smile
is a window for breath;
a house torn down
is a victory of sorts
for the human who can learn
to live on the face
of the earth.  Sans eyes
a cleft face is like
a fruit tree, the cyan
bubble of a bottle
reflects ghost eyes,
a boom mike, the hidden
author of the narrative;
under the gown the body
is someone else, a story
like clothes; bound to
change—a wall torn down
is still
a wall torn down
no matter what.
Blessed art thou among fences
& gates, and blessed is the fruit
 of olive drab. I cannot hear you.
I wish for parties, baseline fortitude,
many graces & sexual favors.

Apr 23, 2014


All the colorless
ideas, the furious
of the awful present;
a room will fall
around people, a gauze
curtain cannot hide
light, only the details
that never bear
mention.  The tyranny
of white, spoiler
of shadows, the flying
time like a warhead,
a mushroom cloud
is just an analogy
when one is of no use,
as is a bond when
people are just naked
I dream of happier occasions,
 where rocking horse & dolls litter 
my landscape, bean bags, blocks, 
& farm animal miniatures pester 
the toy cars, the metal of boys 
not yet against me. I'm lucid here, 
there is nothing more to bear, I'm 
so vulnerable, so baby's breath 
in my hair, so lace-dress 

Apr 22, 2014


A white tree
An avalanche
Ethereal cauliflower
hung over
noxious orange
drums, trunks
of steel, eyelashes
power lines, life
sustained by
processes ununderstood
but intuited by
blood & lungs,
the gifts of science,
the spoils
of wars
we cannot see
The busts of women ride 
over the skies, 
physics has nothing on the 
granules of life. 

We've compared this open, viscous mess 
the our love-making. 
Cannot. See. Through. It.

Apr 21, 2014


Storm of silver nitrate
Janus in chrome
Third eye leather
the worthy intuits
the milemarker.  The car
is just a conch of
dials & vinyls, an ashtray
keeps fire
at hand, smoking
in a gale we once did
what we needed to
& left the rest
to glower, mesmerism
of the asp
of the road, tell no tales
behind the wheel
We’re all going somewhere
from the moment
we got in
There is no background, only wind. 
Women caress the car, men do not 
 understand the complexities of our situation. 
We would love to experience this live, 

breathe smog alternates, my venom seems 
 plasmatic, every particle this mass-cross field. 
I cannot see.

Apr 20, 2014


Turtleneck automata
abstract & obscured
plywood expressionism.
Against the wall, the damoclean
tide of dry rot, a face
-off, face to face to
facility for
small talk & big plans
that amount to the same:
a decaying shack
fish guts
nuclear war
all-new laminate countertop
easy to clean, never cracks
self-cleaning oven
for your head, brand new guns
for the kids, something for
the neighbors, heart,
hinds, debris
stink eye
You & I have questions. You fear 
answers. Kream soda, jelly tarts, 
you have guns under my 
sweater. Open the latch, we 
shall form a clatch.

Apr 19, 2014


Hear air
See dust
Speak of

what lies
in wait in
the recesses

of the raisin of
the brain or
the slimy
meat of
the heart
the shimmering
fluid of
the spine
that underrated
dragon who
With a transcend, who leads bed 
science, a quail at the edge, 
 a moleskin wall. "What am I 
supposed to look at?" Old fogs, 
shirts and linens, molecules, 
materials & labor.